I have a diverse background in creative communication that spans almost 30 years. It is frightening to think that it has been so long, but one hopes that in all that time I have learnt something. There has certainly been time enough to garner some extensive experience on commercial and non-commercial projects and I have been lucky enough to work with clients based in London, Washington, Vienna, Geneva, and New York. 

I suppose I am what they call a self-starter as I am equally at happy working from home as in an office. This is useful when working with or leading teams across these different environments as in this game people can be working on the same project in London, Geneva and New York.

Most of my work has been for corporations in what is sometimes called the Third Sector. However, I am no stranger to commercial projects that have included sales & marketing as well as polished copy. So I haven’t just had to deal with customers on a B2B level, but their customers too; sometimes tough when the customer is always right.

A key element for most of these projects has been internal communications. This is true even where the primary outputs have been external. I have set-up and run an awful lot of intranets and my clients’ staff are usually the toughest customers.

I suppose briefly I should mention some of my other activates. Like the fact that I serve at a board level in the not-for-profit sector on oversight committees and as a trustee.

In a previous life I  worked in journalism as a writer, a sub, production manager and as an editor. Then in the early 1990s I was able transferred these skills to the World Wide Web as a producer, manager, editor and developer. In those days it was all a bit like the wild west and remained so through some remarkable first, second and next generation online projects. This especially in those days when the only one programming was me and I had to get to grips a strange landscape of letters like HTML, XML, CSS, CMS and so much more.  

These early enterprises were for commercial corporations who wanted to get in on the ground floor of the new medium. This usually included sales & marketing for in-house, customer targeted and B2C/B2B enterprises. Just about everything really. We even ran online competitions at one point.

Not all my work and experience lies in journalism and publishing. I have worked within the not-for-profit sector, as a manager, campaigner and coordinator for external and internal communications. Sometimes this meant that I ended up as a key person and co-founder of several political and social organisations ranging from local civic projects to national political ones. I suppose I could go on, but let’s not.

Andy Robson