Unresolved Stories

booksIt was to be hoped that publishing here would have been more constant. My previous blog averaged 10,000 hits a day and in seven years it had 16 million visits. Back in the millennia I managed a website that topped the one million mark every month. Those projects had two things this one lacks (so far): regular updates and quality content.

There is a small secret I am going to share here. When I was complimented on my content, people usually expressed surprise that these projects managed a high standard on such a regular basis. The secret is: content follows quality. If someone has something to say, then volume will soon gather in its wake. It is all about momentum.

It was envisaged that this blog would be about writing and editing. However, after days working on a publishing project the last thing anyone wants to write about is the methodology of writing and editing.

To this end this blog will broaden its base and maybe, just maybe it will find a stronger identity.

Beginning tomorrow there will be regular articles on subjects as diverse as politics, history, culture and maybe even a little science now and again.

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