A detour through history

vintage-strollingIt might be interesting to write about the ongoing development of a project, but generally the subjects are quite dry and in any case most of the details are usually confidential. But now and again and a side project can throw up a bit of fun.

The other day I noticed the tourist information for our town was at best out of date, but more likely never accurate in the first place. What triggered my attention was the claim the oldest building in the town dated from 1856.

Now there are three churches in the town that are all significantly older than that and one might assume that whoever wrote the tourist information meant house and not building. The town has no real money for a tourist officer and it is likely that some worthy amateur offered their services.

What happens in these instances is that someone knows their subject very well and it is perfectly clear to them what they mean but they forget to communicate that clearly.

However, since our house is older too than 1856 and is certainly not the oldest dwelling in the town, I assumed that it is not only the writing that is at fault but the original research.

It has been years since I did this kind of research and the available resources for it are limited. However in a fairly short length of time I found out that town used to have a prison, an old priory and was once the home of an English queen.

It would be good to revisit this subject here again some time.

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